More than 20 years in the polymers market

It is symbolic that Polymergrad LLC started its activity in 2000 since we were facing the new millennium along with new era of science and technology wherein the polymer industry is a significant contributor.

Having been working in the polymers market for more than 15 years we proved our proficiency, we established a reputation as one of the leading companies in polymers sector and as a reliable partner in sight of our customers.

With regard to the purpose of our Company or to its outlook, we can declare that we are doing our best to make people’s living more comfortable and to provide them more opportunities using polymer technologies.

Polymers trading


Polyethylene is widely used for making plastic film, containers (bottles, cans and tanks), canalization pipes, water and gas supply, bodies for boats, parts of technical equipment, household items, etc. Low-pressure polyethylene is widely used in landscaping areas and children's playgrounds.

polystyrene (EPS)

Polystyrene is most commonly used as heat-insulating and structural material. It is used in the manufacturing of disposable thermal packaging for frozen products as well as packaging and electrical insulating material. Serves as the material for the production of children's toys, designer furniture and interior items.


The widest range of products is produced from general-purpose polystyrene. They are primarily used in the domestic sphere of human activity (disposable tableware, packaging, toys, etc.). High-impact polystyrene and its modifications have got widespread use in the field of household appliances and electronics (body components of household devices).


Polypropylene is a material for the production of films (especially packaging), bags, containers, pipes, parts of technical equipment, plastic cups, household goods, nonwovens, insulating material, in construction for vibration and sound insulation of interfloor constructions in the system "floating floor".

Polymergrad LLC

Logisticexecution Customized approachto each client Materialsfrom leading worldmanufacturers Solid foundationof business relationships More than 20 yearsin the polymersmarket Flexible pricingpolicy
More than 20 years
in the polymers
from leading world
Customized approach
to each client
Solid foundation
of business relationships
Flexible pricing

Three areas of our work

Polymergrad LLC carries out not only a trading activity but also produces polymeric goods based on best materials. Below you can see the main activities of the company.

Feedback from our partners:

"We have been collaborating with Polymergrad LLC since 2009. We get production materials from this company. I want to notice that during these years our collaboration have been developing very well. This is a pretty much great company. I wish all to have such partners! We’ll definitely keep cooperating."

Director of PE "Sonant"
Avgitov E. S.

"The Foundation of our cooperation is the reliability of Polymergrad LLC. Then a great partnership grew on this foundation. And eventually this partnership turened into good, personal and friendly relationships. I would especially like to mention the ability to find a compromise in any situation".

Financial Director
of "Debant Ukraine"
Trofimenko A. A

"As a leader I can say that this is a true team, well-coordinated staff, where everyone takes his place. I wish to Polymergrad LLC to grow, to develop and to become the undisputed industry leader! Thank you for the honesty and the excellent work."

of "Komserv Ukraine"
Shapoval V. N.

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Our suppliers’ geography

We provide you with the best of polymeric materials from USA, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan etc. All manufacturers are the brands that value their reputation and supply the market with product of the highest quality.