• Film production

A separate line of activity of our company is the production of films for various purposes from high-density polyethylene. Polymergrad LLC produces polyethylene film of the European quality with strict control of thickness and winding density using various additives to strengthen the technical and operational characteristics of the product. All products are manufactured on the equipment of both domestic and imported. With a full production load the maximum output is up to 350 tons per month.

Here you can order and buy shrink wrap
and composite film in the most diverse volume,
color and of various options.

Depending on the quality of source material the film is divided into two groups – PRIMARY and RECYCLED.

Formats of our films:

Thicknes — from 15 to 300 mkm. Tubing width — up to 3 m.

Primary and recycled film


Primary polyethylene film aka "virgin" is manufactured by extrusion from primary polyethylene
i.e. primary materials of low and high pressure.

Primary film is used in different areas. The use is unlimited.


Prime grade

Recycled film of prime grade is made of process wastes of our production and is little inferior to primary in its operational qualities and technical characteristics. However, the price of this film is significantly lower than primary one.


First grade

Recycled film of first grade is made from recycled granulate polyethylene using the deep cleaning. It is used in almost all spheres of the national economy.

The area of use of the recycled film is quite wide. Both grades of film are used for packaging of a variety of products: technical equipment, large-sized industrial products, construction materials, food and non-food products. The recycled film is widely used in the manufacture of liners for big-bags, sacks and bags.

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